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Welcome to the world of Harry Potter book collecting! On each episode, hosts Carly, Erik, and Melanie discuss the never ending adventure of collecting Harry Potter translations from all over the world. Join in as they explore the physical books that helped make Harry Potter a worldwide phenomenon. Whether it is a conversation about different cover art, spreading need to know information about that rare translation or signed book, or just your everyday magical chatter, they’ve got you covered!

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About the Team


Erik - Host, Producer

Carly - Host, Producer

Melanie - Host, Producer

Tommy - Editor

Erik started collecting Harry Potter books as a way to bring back a souvenir from his trips abroad. Family and friends started bringing books back from their trips as well and before he knew it, Erik was a translation collector. As a teacher of English to non-native speakers, Erik believes in the importance of native language preservation and literacy. Naturally, collecting Harry Potter translations just makes sense! When he is not podcasting, Erik enjoys sports, music, traveling, and spending time with his family in the Minneapolis / St. Paul metropolitan area.

Melanie began collecting Harry Potter books almost 15 years ago when she fell in love with the series (for the second time) in college. After spotting a copy of Sorcerer’s Stone in Hebrew on a trip to Israel, the idea to collect every translation of the book was born. And while her collection has evolved drastically over the years, her love for the series has never wavered. When Melanie is not engrossed in her Harry Potter passions, she is a teacher for individuals with Autism, and she enjoys her favorite job of all time; being a mommy. 

Tommy is the newest member of Dialogue Alley Podcast! As the audio editor, working with Melanie, Erik, and Carly to create a really interesting listening experience has been awesome. Before joining the podcast, Tommy worked on a few feature films and can be found in the background of a single scene in an upcoming Stephen King movie! Outside of work, he makes animations and enjoys rock climbing.


At first, Carly absolutely refused to have anything to do with Harry Potter. After a day home sick, her Potterhead sister forced her to watch the first movie, and the rest was history. In 2009 after realizing her love of books, she decided to collect Harry Potter books seriously, starting with rare and signed books, then branching out into translations a few years later.  In her Muggle life, she loves traveling, has traveled to over 35 countries, and lived in France and Spain. Carly has extensively studied language and linguistics, which has fueled her desire to collect translations.

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Past Translations of the Show

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